Patient Reviews

 Best dentist! Dr. Soni has been my dentist for over 10 years. Him and his staff are VERY friendly! They always take care of me. I definitely recommend Great Lakes Dental Solutions, you will be very satisfied with their service!



I had a great experience at the Great Lakes Dental office. Professional and caring staff. Dr. Soni did a very nice job on my implants. I had no pain or complications after the procedure and felt good within a day. I would definitely recommend this clinic.



I am so glad I found Dr. Soni’s office. His staff is always prompt and professional. Dr. Soni is so knowledgeable and always provides the best recommendations and care. I cannot imagine see anything else for dentistry. I recommend checking out his office for your dental needs. 



Doctor Soni will definitely be my dentist from now on. I love the way I was treated and how friendly everyone was at the office. Doctor Soni had a hard time taking my wisdom teeth out but he did an amazing job.



This is an AWESOME Dental office, practice, staff, and dentist! Dr. Soni listens to your wants and needs, and bends over backwards to meet them every time. They give excellent advice but are not overly “pushy” and don’t question your final decisions. They also work with you, financially, to budget expensive procedures. All in all, and all around, a great office, practice, staff, and dentist! I highly recommend Great Lakes Dental Solution! 🙂


I highly recommend Dr. Soni’s office! Dr. Soni and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve been going to Dr. Soni for years now and I’ve never had a bad experience. Again, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Soni, he’ll take great care of your dental needs!



The best dentist in Libertyville and Vernon Hills. Dr. Soni and his staff are friendly, and they always provide great services. 



I am very pleased that Dr. Soni squeezed me in this morning when I called with a cracked tooth. He always puts his patients first. 



Dr. Soni will take excellent care of your teeth! He does a thorough job and he and his staff are very knowledgeable and accommodating! Highly recommend.



Incredible experience at Dr. Soni’s and I normally hate the dentist. I am 100% going back for my next checkup.



I was very much impressed with Dr. Soni, his staff and the office. Besides my dental treatment, I learned a lot about how to care for my teeth and gums. During my appointment, I felt very comfortable in the dentist chair. Office has a nice Mom and Pop type caring attitude. Definitely recommend them.



I am very happy with this place. Dr. Soni and staff are very professional and courteous. Dr. Soni always takes good care of his patients. He reviewed my x-rays and explained everything clearly to me. The facility is very clean and well maintained. Overall great and I would definitely recommend this place.


Dr. Soni’s office is very clean and inviting. Dr. Soni is amazing, and his staff are so friendly. I’ve never had a dentist do my entire cleaning before. He thoroughly explained everything he was doing and anything he saw in my mouth. 



Incredible dentist office. I was very pleased with my experience.



Very friendly and efficient doctor and staff. I definitely recommend them for all your dental needs! 🙂



Five stars. Very good dentist. Dr. Soni explains everything to you and make you feel comfortable during your appointment.



Definitely Doctor Soni will be my dentist from now on. I love the way I was treated and how friendly everyone was. Doctor Soni had a hard time taking my wisdom teeth out but he did an amazing job.



Five stars. Dr. Soni is an excellent dentist. I trust him with all of my dental problems. It is also easy to get a hold of the staff to make an appointment.



I LOVE Great Lakes Dental Solutions for dentistry. Dr. Soni always takes wonderful care of me during my appointments. He is very smart, and provides the best recommendations for my teeth. I have had a few different procedures at Dr. Soni’s office and I am always pleased. He makes it painless and always makes sure I am comfortable. The office is very clean and the staff is very nice. Go visit Dr. Soni – he is wonderful.